The Wood Badge uniform is the uniform of your registered position and unit. You will be provided with one (1) course cap, the course neckerchief and the appropriate insignia patches. Participants will have the opportunity to purchase course shirts at the course. More information will follow. Again, it may be possible to borrow uniform parts from other scouters instead of purchasing them.  Link to BSA Uniform Information

Q: Do I wear my Scout uniform?
A:Yes. During the course, participants wear their official Scouting field uniforms (BSA button down/collared Scout leader shirt, Scout pants or shorts, Scout belt, and Scout socks), signifying their current Scouting program. The activity uniforms for Wood Badge courses consist of BSA uniform pants (short or long) and a BSA Scout T-shirt or knit shirt. Field uniforms will be required for wear each morning of the course until lunch, and again in the evenings beginning with dinner. At other times, activity uniforms may be worn. Jackets of any type are acceptable. Patches on red Scout jackets must comply with the BSA’s Insignia Guide, No. 33066. Please review and follow BSA’s Scout leader uniform requirements: BSA 34048 pdf
Q: In my home unit official BSA pants are not a required piece of the uniform. Am I required to wear official BSA pants or shorts during my participation at the Wood Badge course?
A: Yes.