Q: What is the arrival time for course?
A: 7:00 am. Yep, 7:00 am and remember, you’re on time if you are five minutes early. Arrive in time to be parked at the facility and unloading your bag(s) at 7:00am. Upon arrival at the Irvine Regional Park estimate 10 minutes before parking at your final destination. This course has a very tight set schedule to adhere to and will begin on time every day.
Q: Is there a park entrance fee or parking fee at the OEC / Irvine Regional Park?
A: No, if the course is at the OEC, the park entrance fee or parking fee is waived.
Q: How do I enter the OEC / Irvine Regional Park?
A: When arriving at the Irvine Regional Park entrance gate veer to your left and use the self entrance gate that allows each driver to enter an entrance code into the key pad. The code will be shared with all participants a week before the course, as will a map to direct you from the entrance get, through Irvine Regional Park, to the BSA Outdoor Education Center. When you reach the Outdoor Education Center Wood Badge staff members will direct you to the designated parking lot where your vehicle will be safely parked during both weekends.
Q: Will I receive a receipt for money paid to attend this course?
A: Yes, a receipt will be available for those that need one, on the first weekend.
Q: Am I required to be present during all parts of the program?
A: Yes, as well as on time, awake and enthusiastically participating.
Q: Can I leave each night and return the next morning?
A: No. The course is designed around all participants and staff being at the facility actively involved in the program the entire duration of the learning course.
Q: During the course my child will be camping at the Outdoor Education Center, is it alright for me to go see him or her and hang out for a bit with them?
A: To fully benefit from the learning experience staff and participants must be present and participating in each part of the curriculum. To cut down on interruptions we ask that no visitors stop by and that no one leaves to go visit others in the facility.
Q: Will we be outside or inside?
A: Both. Please bring clothes that will keep you comfortable for inside and outside conditions depending on the season of your course. Sunscreen, lip balm and sunglasses are highly recommended, as is a jacket for wear during the campfires and evening walk to the bunk houses.
Q: Where do we sleep?
A: Weekend One all participants sleep in dorm style bunkhouses with electricity and shower facilities. Females are housed in one bunkhouse and males are housed in another bunkhouse. Bunk beds with mats are supplied and each participant is asked to bring their own sleeping bag, pillows, blankets, personal toiletries and ear plugs. There will be an effort to have “Snoring” and “Non-snoring” rooms.

Weekend Two all participants sleep in assigned outside patrol areas. Each participant is asked to bring a tent / mat / sleeping bag / pillow / camp chair / other needed outdoor personal camping gear. Each participant will work with fellow patrol members to work out who can bring additional camping and outdoor cooking equipment. Restrooms and basic shower facilities are nearby.
Q: Will there be time for me to use the other facilities and/or participate in outside program activities at the Outdoor Education Center (i.e. the archery range, zip line, hiking trails, etc)?
A: No. Wood Badge follows a very tight schedule dictated by BSA National, and there is not time for outside activities.
Q: I hear cell phone coverage is poor at the OEC. What if someone needs to get a hold of me in an emergency?
A: Contact information will be provided to you prior to course.
Q: Do I need a notebook, pen, laptop or any other office supplies?
A: Upon arrival each participant will receive a pen and a notebook filled with supportive documents. Extra blank paper and writing instruments are always helpful. Laptops and other electronic devices are not required, nor are they relied upon during the course. Staff and participants will be asked to silence all electronic devices during learning sessions/activities and meals.
Q: Do I bring my own meals and snacks?
A: During the first weekend all meals are provided, except for breakfast on the first day (eat before arriving at the Outdoor Education Center, you will not have lunch until noon). Each evening of Weekend One a light snack will be provided before participants retire to their bunk houses. Participants are welcome to bring nonperishable snacks to keep in their backpacks/tote bags if they so desire. During the second weekend each patrol prepares their meals, and will be reimbursed a specific sum for the cost of their food (details will be shared the first weekend). All meal and snack choices are discussed and decided upon by all patrol members during the first weekend.
Q: I have food allergies and/or dietary concerns. Who do I share this with?
A: After each participant registers a staff member will share a request for the participant to complete a questionnaire that will allow them to share this information. Please do this before the first day of the course. All dietary related information will be shared with the kitchen staff.
Q: Do I need a refillable water bottle? Refillable coffee mug?
A: Yes. Water, ice, coffee and tea will be readily available; however, each participant is required to bring their own reusable drinking container(s).
Q:I have never camped before, can I take the course?
A: Of course! The second weekend calls for each patrol to set up an outdoor patrol area with sleeping, cooking and eating areas. Each patrol will consist of adults from the various Scout programs who will each have a variety of outdoor experiences and skills, all perfect for sharing and increasing the knowledge, confidence and comfort level of each person.